Airport Health is a family centred medical centre focussed on personalised and timely care. We aim to provide a broad range of services so we can accommodate our patients’ ever changing needs.

We are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced GPs who can assist with a broad range of health issues. In addition to a high quality general practice service we have several features of our clinic which reflect our effort to be in-tune with the needs of our local community.

We understand many residents of Tullamarine and surrounding suburbs work at the airport so we have become an accredited medical centre for airport employees requiring initial and ongoing comprehensive medical checks.

Travel is feature in our modern globalised world. Whether travel is for business, pleasure or family reunions, no one wants to fall ill when overseas. Worse still no one wants to deal with hospital bills. Our doctors are trained to advise you on travel health and any vaccines you may require. We have vaccines in our clinic so your travel health needs are comprehensively met under one roof.

Whether in Melbourne or traveling out of town, too much sun exposure raises concern about the health of our skin. Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world, which is why we have invested in a Mole Scanning machine called Solar Scan. This means we can record moles promptly in our clinic and check for changes over time by comparing images generated.

We understand that within everyone’s busy schedules it is not always easy to make time for our health, that’s why Airport Medical is open seven days for extended hours. We hope to continue to provide excellent care and accommodate the needs of our community to the best of our ability.

We hope you find that our motto permeates through everything we do: Enhancing life. Excelling in care.